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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most friequently asked questions here. If you can't find the answer to your question here, then give us a call or send a contact form and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

  • What is a snagging report?
    A snagging list is a list of defects identified during a visual inspection of your new home. The report we produce is a thorough, comprehensive report of all the defects that we have found that fall outside of the Consistent Approach to Finishes standard and also the industry accepted tolerance levels. We use photographs that are date and time-stamped, they are annotated and contain a full description of the defect which gives far better clarity for the developer to follow.
  • When is the best time for a snagging survey?
    The best time to have your inspection carried out would be before you take legal completion of your new home. However, most builders will not allow a professional snagger into your property until you have legally completed/exchanged contracts. Once you know your legal completion date you should liaise with your professional snagger to attend as soon as possible, preferably the day after the completion date. If you have already moved in and require a snagging survey we can inspect your property at any time as long as it is still in your builders warranty period.
  • Why do I need to hire a Snagging Inspection Company?
    Anybody can complete a snag list and take a look at a new build home prior to purchase. A specialist inspector uses the knowledge, experience, equipment and tools to ensure your home is professionally inspected and looked at all parts of the property to ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for and that every element of your home falls within the Consistent Approach to Finishes and within the industry accepted tolerance levels.
  • Can the builder deny access?
    Some but not all builders will give access to a professional snagger before legal completion/exchange of contracts, some will refuse as legally the property still belongs to them. The developer has a two year timeframe to rectify any issues raised, so not being able to inspect before legal completion doesn’t really present an issue.
  • What happens if the builder refuses to do my snags?
    To date we haven’t received any negative feedback from our customers informing us that the builder has refused to rectify the defects we have identified. It is important that you send your snagging report at the earliest opportunity to the developer. You may have to chase your builder frequently to get things done but they should not refuse to rectify your defects. If all else fails and you are not getting satisfaction from your builder, then depending on who your warranty provider is you should report your issues to them in writing. Please read and follow your warranty providers procedures when making a complaint.
  • How long will it take to get my Inspection Report?
    It is our policy to email your snagging report within 24 hours of receiving your payment. However, there maybe the odd occasion where it might take a little longer. Your report will contain pictures, pinpoint snags and written explanation of each snag we have found at your property.

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